Total ETO
Engineer to Order ERP

Run your Engineer to Order (ETO) manufacturing business with increased accuracy, efficiency, and profitability.

*Total ETO was previously known as Questica ETO.

All your biggest Engineer to Order challenges solved, in one system, for the right price.

Minimize the engineering to purchasing bottleneck by releasing your BOM in stages.
Get accurate, real-time labor tracking for better shop planning and management.
Manage inventory levels, ensuring availability.
Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, Sage or any proven financial system.
Get real-time job costing estimates to actuals at any stage of the project in one click.
Track self-processed and external fabrications consistently at all stages.
Integrate BOMs with industry leading CAD applications.
Access real-time information for better business decision making and project management.
Easily track change orders and their impact. Alerts allow you to act before it affects the project.
Expedite orders to ensure materials arrive on time for the best price.
Instantly push accounts receivable, payable and payroll data into your accounting system.

Affordable. Tiered pricing starts from $85/month per end user, and includes implementation, training, support and upgrades for all modules!

What makes Total ETO the best choice for custom design manufacturers?

Designed by and for ETO manufacturers

Unlike other systems designed to suit several types of manufacturing, Total ETO is the only system designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of engineer-to-order manufacturers and their material resource planning needs. Every single client is an ETO job shop.

No more disconnect between engineers and purchasing

Release your Bill of Materials in pieces without concern for materials changes – even redesigns! Engineers have newfound confidence to create BOMs quickly and release data frequently while dynamically integrating with purchasing. Total ETO reconciles procurement changes, flagging all the items that need attention. Buyers can quickly attend to these items, freeing them up to issue RFQs and POs, all while getting you the best pricing and delivery for your required materials.

Jobs stay on track with our early warning system

With Total ETO you set the standards for project procedures. As your staff places orders, allocates stock and logs hours to a job, these costs are tracked against the budget. This real-time data gives your managers better control and the ability to react if a project is off track or off budget.

Eliminates double entry and reduces clerical errors

It’s not about disorganized spreadsheets anymore. With Total ETO you have everything you need in one easy-to-access place. Now all departments have access to the information they need. This speeds up the time from order entry to shipment. Improve productivity by reducing double entry so your staff can focus on their specialties.

Seamless CAD and financial integrations

Total ETO integrates your BOM with the most popular 3D CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Inventor and many more. And seamlessly integrate AR, AP and Payroll data with QuickBooks, Sage or an accounting system of your choice.

Affordability paired with a quick and easy set-up

Total ETO is configurable and affordable for your job shop. Since it was designed in collaboration with ETO customers, it’s easy to learn and quick to implement. All our customers are small to mid-sized custom design manufacturers.

Have a Question?

Is Total ETO software suitable for custom manufacturers?

Total ETO was created by engineers specifically for the custom design manufacturer. If your company manufactures products usually with a new design or a customized version of something you’ve done before, our material resource planning (MRP) software is for you.

Benefits to you:

  • Easy to use as Total ETO’s workflow mimics the custom design process, providing a better ‘fit’.
  • There are many MRP features within the application that were specifically designed for the engineer-to-order or made-to-order manufacturer.

How does Total ETO manage my Bill of Materials?

Total ETO provides a separate engineering screen to manage entire Projects and individual Jobs. A Bill of Materials (BOM) can be built in a nested hierarchy as many levels deep as you need, rather than a flat BOM, and is displayed in a flexible graphical user interface screen. By displaying the BOM visually, designers have greater flexibility to break down assemblies and more easily manage changes to an assembly quantity or parts within the assembly.

Benefits to you:

  • Total ETO was built by engineers for engineers and understands your need for a structured BOM.
  • Fewer setbacks as engineers can logically break up complex machinery into a series of nested subassemblies.
  • Designers and engineers are more efficient as a structured BOM provides them with a quicker and organized means of finding materials and managing change requirements.

Does Total ETO integrate with my CAD system?

Yes, of course we do! Since we’re partners with Dassault and Autodesk, Total ETO provides integrated 3D CAD linking within SolidWorks and Inventor, embedding our controls in their CAD systems, allowing designers to easily push BOM information to Total ETO.

For other CAD systems, our BOM Import tool can quickly import a BOM file exported from applications as such as AutoCAD Electrical, SolidWorks Electrical, E-Plan, Catia, Creo (ProE), and Siemens Solid Edge, among many others, eliminating double entry, and possible data entry mistakes.

Benefits to you:

  • Designers can view and edit the BOM in one central location, giving complete control on the BOM’s development.
  • Staff gains flexibility, power and versatility in creating, modifying and controlling the flow of information to and from Purchasing.
  • By integrating your BOM with your 3D CAD we eliminate duplicate data entry and speed up the engineering process.

How can my manufacturing department benefit from Total ETO?

A big challenge for engineer to order manufacturers is having materials ready for when manufacturing needs them. Total ETO simplifies the staging of materials for production. Receiving can quickly view purchase orders, log received parts, produce quality inspection reports or initiate Non-conformance issues.

As items are received or issued from allocated inventory, Purchasing is instantly updated on the status of materials by job. Total ETO includes real time tracking and managing of your inventory including Work in Progress (WIP) so materials are available when needed.

Benefits to you:

  • Purchasing can source materials and issue POs quickly.
  • Materials are available when Manufacturing needs them.
  • There is no costly delay in the project.

Does Total ETO integrate with QuickBooks, and other accounting systems?

Total ETO offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, providing a tight link between the two system systems. Your accounting data is automatically exported into QuickBooks to pay bills, collect receivables and produce financial reports. Total ETO also offers integration to many other accounting packages including Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 50 (Peachtree/Simply Accounting), as well as linking to outside payroll service providers such as ADP, and time and attendance systems like Mitrefinch among others.

Benefits to you:

  • Use the best accounting systems available
  • Save time by not having to learn a new accounting system
  • Fewer mistakes as your accounting staff continues to use a familiar program

Highly specialized
Engineer to Order manufacturing software
designed exclusively for ETO manufacturers

With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional service from implementation to ongoing support. Job shops throughout North America are using our Total ETO material resource planning and automation software to streamline their business processes, improve productivity and increase profitability. Call us today to find out how we can do the same for you.

Meet one of our ETO experts.

Our team is full of fun and accessible technology experts, ETO business specialists and ERP professionals that are ready to show you how your custom design manufacturing company can be more efficient. We can show you how Total ETO will work for your company. Call us for a personalized demo.

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RJ Ahuja

Meet one of our ETO experts.

RJ Ahuja

Our team is full of fun and accessible technology experts, ETO business specialists and ERP professionals that are ready to show you how your custom design manufacturing company can be more efficient. We can show you how Total ETO will work for your company. Call us for a personalized demo.

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