Total ETO welcomes MI Windows & Doors Tooling Division as its newest customer

Total ETO

Located in Pennsylvania, the Tooling Division of MI Windows & Doors designs and builds equipment used at their manufacturing plants throughout the US. The division operates like an Engineer To Order manufacturer and was looking for an ERP system that could manage and document builds. The list of requirements of the new system included:


  • Cut POs, receive and inventory parts
  • Purchase directly to a job
  • Set up and track machine shop part jobs (Job Traveler)
  • Manage Machine BOMs
  • Integrate easily with SolidWorks
  • Set labor and burden rates
  • Do cycle counts
  • Substitute for obsolete parts

After several demonstrations, and the reference of another Total ETO customer, MI Windows & Doors made the decision to purchase the ERP system. Designed by and for the Engineer To Order industry, Total ETO will provide MI Windows & Doors with unparalleled visibility into each stage of their business. They will be able to plan, prepare, report, and adjust as required to maintain efficiency throughout the design and production phases of each project. 


Total ETO looks forward to helping MI Windows & Doors improve insight and efficiency in their custom machine builds.