“The goal of our software is to help ETO manufacturers improve the visibility into each stage of their business to monitor actual costs against estimates, and highlight areas where there may be challenges and/or opportunities for improvement. It’s about helping customers deliver quality, improve efficiency and ensure growth and profitability. ”

TJ Parass – President & Founder of Total ETO

What we do

As a leader of finance-related manufacturing software since 1998, Total ETO*’s goal is to make the Engineer to Order process better from start to finish.


For over 20 years* we’ve been providing our customers with exceptional service from implementation to ongoing support.


Throughout North America customers are using Total ETO’s automation ERP and material resource planning software to better manage their business process, enhance productivity, increase profitability, and grow their businesses.


Most of our customers stay with Total ETO for life. We have relationships spanning our 20+ years in business.


Our team is comprised of technology experts, ERP professionals and ETO business specialists. We are passionate and friendly collaborators who enjoy teaming with our customers to meet their custom manufacturing business needs.


*Total ETO was previously known as Questica ETO.

Over 20 years of ETO experience

Exceptional service from implementation to ongoing support

Total ETO for life

We have customer relationships spanning our 20+ years in business

Leading CAD systems

Total ETO integrates with the CAD system of your choice

20+ ETO industries

We have customer across ETO industries

QuickBooks or Sage

Seamless financial systems integrations



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