“Our software helps Engineer To Order manufacturers deliver quality, improve efficiency, and ensure growth and profitability.”

TJ Parass – President & Founder of Total ETO


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A Tale of Two Companies.

Total ETO was born out of frustration with spreadsheets by Questica, an organization that simplifies public sector finance. Working with Custom Machine Builders for over 20 years we’ve maintained our Engineer To Order Roots. This has helped Total ETO become what it is today; a solution that provides true value to our Engineer To Order Clients.

As a leader of ERP and MRP software, we believe in providing a Totally Better experience. This includes relationships for life, whether you’re a start-up or a global organization. Total ETO’s software is easy to implement and use, affordable, and backed by a team of industry experts with a passion for the success of every client.

Our team shares an abundance of talent and experience from the machine-building and automation sectors. We’re driven to help Custom Machine Builders succeed while making it as fun and easy of an experience as possible.


Meet the Team

Fast Facts

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    Total ETO integrates with SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, QuickBooks, Sage, and other top industry software providers.
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    Implementation is simple when the system is built to suit your needs. This includes data loading, deployment, integration, configuration, customization, and training.
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    Total ETO has client relationships spanning our 20+ years in business.
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    Every client is different, in fact, we’ve partnered with over 20 Engineer To Order industries.
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    Total ETO doesn’t take over your accounting books; we offer solutions to make it easier including time tracking, accounts payable & receivable, accounting, payroll integration, WIP, and inventory valuation.
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    Total ETO’s retention rate is high because of our outstanding service and low, manageable subscription rates.
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    One of Total ETO’s most popular features is helping to eliminate spreadsheets, simplifying most processes including sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, accounting, and analytics.