Advanced Dynamics, Quebec

“Over the past 10 years Total ETO has helped our company become successful locally and internationally.”

Ron Gill, Systems Specialist, Advanced Dynamics

About Advanced Dynamics

Located in St. Bruno, Quebec, Advanced Dynamics is a management owned company that focuses on engineering, designing and manufacturing of custom heavy duty material handling systems. It designs and builds custom material handling systems for both the pulp and paper industry and the primary metals industry.  Established in 1965, it has grown into a well-known player in the paper and pulp industries worldwide. The company also has offices in France and a manufacturing plant in India.

Size of Company

140 employees in Quebec office


Pulp and paper, primary metals


St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada; office in France; and a manufacturing plant in India

Business Need

Advanced Dynamics lacked communication between all departments which lead to data duplication and wasted time.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our system integrates your whole business from prospecting to shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Streamline your BOM process
  • Seamless integrate with your CAD software
  • Highly configurable solution
  • Unique ETO software
  • Increase in departmental communication
  • Save time by eliminating data duplication

Business Challenge

For Advanced Dynamics communication between departments and double data entry were two major issues, similar to many engineer-to-order (ETO) companies, leading to sourcing out an ERP solution. In ETO companies it is especially important to streamline the Bill of Materials (BOM) process from engineering to purchasing and receiving. What Advanced Dynamics lacked was the ability to create a feedback loop for when materials were required, purchased and delivered. An increase in communication amongst departments was pertinent in order to avoid purchasing mishaps such as purchasing too much or too little, and overpaying for items when time is of the essence.


Wasted time with double data entry is an ineffective use of employee time. There was a need to purchase a system that would save employees time and the company money.



Miscommunication between departments and multiple data entry points were key reasons Advanced Dynamics started its search for a software system. After looking at several systems, management sought out Total ETO as it had heard about it from Handling Specialty in Grimsby Ontario, another custom design manufacturing company that uses Total ETO. Advanced Dynamics was pleased with what Total ETO had to offer and how other small to mid-sized engineer to order manufacturers spoke highly of the software system.


Total ETO’s ERP and material resourcing planning software solution was written by engineers for ETO manufacturers. It is a complete system that integrates Advanced Dynamics’ business from the sales proposal phase to shipping. It simplified their business processes, sped up production and provided real-time management information. The net result is that Advanced Dynamics became more competitive locally and internationally and grew into a more successful company.


Dynamic Benefits and Results

With over 10 successful years using Total ETO as its ERP software, Advanced Dynamics has grown into an international player in the paper and pulp and primary metals industries. Their recently purchased manufacturing plant in India also has implemented Total ETO as its first overseas customer.


Streamline your BOM process

For Advanced Dynamics, like most custom design manufacturers, nearly every order starts in engineering and to the frustration of management seems to stay there far too long. Designers are fearful of releasing BOM information too early because of the problem that change requests can create for them. The result is that purchasing receives information too late and is unable to purchase in time or at attractive prices. With Total ETO, the engineers at Advanced Dynamics can create BOMs quickly, and with the integrated hold and release system, they can release data frequently. Total ETO provides seamless integration with purchasing.


Seamless Integration with your CAD system

Total ETO has true 3D CAD integration capabilities. With a dynamic BOM process, Total ETO allows the flexibility to not only create but also change a project’s BOM prior to, during, and even after its release to purchasing and manufacturing.


After purchasing Total ETO, Advanced Dynamics worked with us to customize an Autodesk Inventor Add In. Later Advanced Dynamics moved to SolidWorks and it further streamlined their engineering process. This integration was important for it would ensure that BOMs could be linked to specific projects and adjusted as the designs changed.


Highly Configurable Solution

Like many custom design companies, Advanced Dynamics likes to customize things, including the Total ETO software they purchased. Even though Total ETO already mimics the way engineer to order manufacturers run their business and therefore is very intuitive and easy to use, it still has the flexibility to be configured to meet the specific needs of individual organizations.


Happy with what Total ETO has done for the Advanced Dynamics’ Quebec office, the owners also bought and implemented Total ETO in their newly purchased manufacturing plant in India. Total ETO has helped Advanced Dynamics become an important player in the international pulp and paper market.


Unique ETO software

Over and over we hear that when our customers were looking for an ETO software system, Total ETO was the only one they found that understood the unique needs of custom design manufacturing companies. When Advanced Dynamics was looking for a software system, they were pleasantly surprised at how Total ETO simulated their business procedures. Our material resource planning software system is unique as it mirrors the workflow and processes of custom design manufacturers. Total ETO was developed with the support of custom design manufacturers and all of our customers are engineer-to-order or made-to-order job shops.


Increase in departmental communication

Although it is difficult to come up with a number to quantify savings of time and cost, Advanced Dynamics has had a significant increase in communication amongst their departments, especially engineering and purchasing, which in turn has saved the company time and money.


Miscommunication is no longer an issue as all pertinent data is visible in Total ETO and accessible by all employees. With the manufacturing plant also using Total ETO, everyone has a complete picture of all materials and projects.


Save time by eliminating data duplication

Data duplication is now a thing of the past. At Advanced Dynamics employees save time by only entering data into one database. No longer are there multiple spreadsheets and emails going back and forth between employees, which lead to data errors being made. Employees can track jobs and pull pricing information with 100% accuracy.