Metform International Ltd., Ontario

“Total ETO has given us the tools to win bids successfully and become a worldwide competitor.”

Tom Hirschler, Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Metform International Ltd.

About Metform International Ltd.

Metform International, situated in Mississauga, Ontario, has provided Roll Forming Machines and Coil Processing Equipment for over 45 years. Metform supplies roll forming lines to many key metal processing industries, applying experience and lessons learned to every customer’s project. Metform has provided roll forming machines to the automotive, metal building products, steel coiling processes, rail car, heavy construction, solar, agriculture and highway products industries. Throughout the years Metform has developed a worldwide presence in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Size of Company

50 employees


Roll Forming & Coil Processing Equipment


Mississauga, ON, Canada

Business Need

In 2001 Metform was looking for a MRP software solution that would help them grow their business.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our system integrates your whole business from prospecting to shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Streamline all data entry
  • Robust reporting center
  • Free up staff time
  • Fast tracked spare parts orders
  • Seamless procurement of non-BOM parts
  • Efficient procurement
  • True ETO Solution

Business Challenge

Back in 2001, Metform was on the hunt for a material resource planning (MRP) software solution that would help their company win bids as well as make them a competitive force worldwide. Streaming all of their information and being able to track past and present data was important to ensure projects would be successful.


Metform was discouraged at first as very few software solutions understand the unique dealings of an engineer-to-order (ETO) company.  After seeing what Total ETO could do and how closely it mimicked their business structure already, Metform knew that Total ETO was the solution to launch them into the next level of competition and worldwide success.



Unlike other systems designed to suit several types of manufacturing, Total ETO was solely designed for ETO manufacturers. Developed with the collaboration of five custom design manufacturers, we are the only solution to meet the unique needs of custom design manufacturers.


Metform chose Total  ETO in 2005 and has been happy they did ever since. The intuitive design of the software made training easy and the knowledgeable staff at Total ETO has been helpful with ongoing support throughout the past 13 years.


In the dynamic world of custom design manufacturing, Managers need fast access to important information in order to spot problems quickly, analyze operations and make better decisions. Total ETO’s integrated system provides staff at Metform with easy access to this information. Executives have real-time viewing of project and job progress and costing versus estimate with drill down analysis capability.


With over 20 years of experience, Total ETO strives to provide our customers, like Metform, with a material resource planning (MRP) solution that will help grow their business and launch them into the next level of competition.


Dynamic Benefits and Results

Total ETO provided Metform with the solution that would help grow their business starting with a one touch point central database they needed to streamline all past and present data.


Streamline all data entry

It was very important for Metform to have one central database where data is entered and evaluated. The one point entry eliminates duplicate entry and clerical mistakes. One data entry point ensures that data is pure and accurate.


Total ETO allows staff to search purchase orders with as little detail or as much as needed to trace data back to previous purchases. This function is appreciated by Tom Hirschler, Purchasing & Logistics Manager at Metform, along with the whole purchasing staff.


Robust reporting center

Total ETO features a Crystal Reporting engine that allows management to obtain any information they need. In addition Total ETO includes over 200 pre-designed reports on all aspects of the business. Several reports are used often by Metform, including the Costing Summary Job Cost detailed report which purchasing, accounting, manufacturing and sales use on a daily basis.


The shop at Metform also uses the Report Center Costing Labour report daily and “would be lost without it” states Tom Hirschler, Purchasing & Logistics Manager. All reports can be exported directly to Excel, Word or used to create an email.


Free up staff time

Custom design firms are particularly dependent on highly skilled and experienced staff. Designers, for example, typically spend a major part of their time performing clerical tasks. Reducing these tasks not only speeds up the design process but also allows the firm to handle more business with the same staff. Similarly, if Purchasing (which spends 35%-50% of your sales income), is freed of their paperwork to create Requests for Quotations, they can significantly lower material costs.


Fast tracked spare parts orders

Total ETO features a fast track spare parts order system, eliminating any need for staff to interrupt the designers when looking for BOM information or interrupt the buyers when looking for historical purchase information. The entire spare parts order transaction, from estimate to order entry is done from a single working screen. From there,  staff at Metform can search any BOM to find the parts they need, quickly import them from the appropriate project, check purchasing history to verify costs, apply a margin or markup, detail special costs, attach all necessary client data and commercial terms, add notes and enter the order.


The Part History screen in Total ETO is very handy when Metform staff are tracking particular parts, by purchase order numbers or dates, within several projects and cost centers and want to know how much the part cost at the time it was ordered.


Seamless procurement of non-BOM parts

Total ETO identifies all material costs including non-BOM requisitions, stock pulls, material returns and non-conformances by project, job or assembly.  Tom Hirschler states that “the ease at which purchasing can add Non-BOM items to the procurement screen is very efficient”. Time and attendance alternatives include simple timecard entry, data collection services and bar code readers. We can accommodate single or multiple shipment releases. All manufacturing information is automatically integrated into accounting, costing, payroll and project files. A host of reports provides management with clear summary and detailed information on progress and results.


Efficient Procurement

Materials requested from engineering, the shop or parts and service are automatically received by purchasing without double entry. A customizable single screen work area provides buyers with a full view of all requests. They can view item quantity, distribution, available inventory, part lead time, purchase history, required dates, designer alerts and the ability to group and sort by multiple fields (project, job, category, preferred supplier and others). Design changes that result in negative demand are displayed in “red’ for immediate action.


Total ETO allows Metform to create Request for Quotations quickly, evaluate bids, issue PO’s, modify and revise PO’s or assign inventory, all with a few keystrokes.  Buyers can purchase parts for single or multiple projects and jobs on a single purchase order, purchase to inventory or to indirect accounts. “The ability to be able put out RFQ’s for the same item to as many suppliers at the same time via just one email is just stellar”, states Tom Hirschler.


True ETO solution

Many companies claim to have engineer to order software but very few do. Total ETO has been created by engineers with the input of ETO companies and therefore mimics the unique way an engineer to order company runs its business. It is the only true engineer-to-order solution on the market.