Edgewater Automation, Michigan

“Every day we work with Total ETO and I have not found a better product after all these years”.

Rick Blake, President, Edgewater Automation

About Edgewater Automation

Edgewater Automation is a uniquely experienced designer and builder of custom automation equipment with locations in St. Joseph, Michigan and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Their innovative solutions address the challenges their customers face in today’s dynamic global manufacturing environment. The goal of Edgewater Automation is to provide quality equipment and elegant solutions that will help ensure the success of each customer.

Size of Company

100+ employees


Assembly and Test Equipment


St. Joseph, MI, and Spartanburg, SC. USA

Business Need

Edgewater Automation required better tracking and integration with their accounting system.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our system integrates your whole business from prospecting to shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Better job quoting
  • Reliable tracking of committed costs
  • Better project management
  • Streamline all data entry
  • User friendly software
  • True ETO solution

Business Challenge

Before purchasing Total ETO, Edgewater Automation was using a standard accounting package to track all purchases and job costs. Although it was a good accounting package it was not able to track committed costs nor tie into time tracking. It was also not able to integrate with a purchasing system. These issues led Edgewater Automation to source out an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would allow management to track purchasing and job costs.


After a thorough technical investigation of features and a visit to three Total ETO clients, Rick Blake was satisfied that our solution was an excellent fit and purchased our ERP system.



Edgewater Automation has been with Total ETO since 2006. Since that time they have grown from 40 employees to over 100 in four locations. Total ETO was able to support this and future growth with ease.


Total ETO has solved the issues Edgewater Automation first had when looking for an material resource planning (MRP) system. Financial information is now reliable as job costs include committed costs as well as actual costs.


Access to job history is also important to Edgewater Automation allowing them to reuse previous designs and actual costing information from similar systems for new client projects. Elimination of duplicate entry has freed up Purchasing allowing them to use purchasing history to control costs and select the best performing suppliers.


Dynamic Benefits and Results

Total ETO was purchased to assist Edgewater Automation in tracking all job costs; committed and actual. Rick Blake states that “we need Total ETO to be successful”.


Better job quoting

Edgewater Automation is often asked to quote “same but different” systems. When a customer specifies a machine , Edgewater Automation  will search past history for something similar. Past history access allows them to quote more accurately and allows Engineering to reduce design time and risk. With Total ETO, improving estimating, quoting and manufacturing results in higher profits.


Reliable tracking of committed costs

Knowing where a projects’ costs are at all times is crucial to a business. Total ETO provides Edgewater Automation with an early indication of what real costs are going to be as they build the job. Total ETO shows the costs they have actually spent at any point during a project and in addition any costs that have been committed. Total ETO also provides the classical “actual job costs” after the job is shipped.


By providing early warning job costing information for Managers, as well as actual job costing for Accountants, Edgewater Automation will always know if a job is on budget.


Better project management

Quick access to where problems may exist is extremely important. All Managers and key staff  can track and analyze where projects, jobs, assemblies or individual parts are, in real-time, with Total ETO. Early identification of potential problems allows managers to take action to correct the problem.


Streamline all data entry

It was very important to Edgewater Automation to have a single database where all data would be entered. Because the system integrates information from prospecting through to shipping, there is no duplicate entry of information. This frees up critical staff from routine clerical tasks to focus on their skills. Streamlining the flow of information eliminates errors and speeds up the order to shipment process.


User friendly software

Total ETO was implemented when Edgewater Automation had 40 employees. The employees found Total ETO to be user friendly and easy to use. Throughout the years as Edgewater Automation has grown, new employees have been trained without problems.


As new modules and tools are released by Total ETO, it is important to have a refresher for employees so that everyone is using the system to its full potential.


Total ETO works with our customers to ensure that they get the best use of our system.


True ETO solution

Total ETO understands the design to order manufacturing process and has been developed specifically for this industry. All of our customers are ETO manufacturers. Edgewater Automation is satisfied with Total ETO because we understand their business and support their success.