The Total ETO Solution

A better ERP choice for Engineer To Order manufacturers.


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We understand the unique needs of your Engineer To Order business.

Designed by engineers for engineers, Total ETO ERP and MRP software provides better collaboration, efficiency and accuracy for automation and material handling companies.

From design, sales, and procurement to manufacturing, accounting and management, we help you improve and grow your Engineer To Order business. *Total ETO was previously Questica ETO.


Find, track and close new business more efficiently with our CRM tool.

With our Customer Relationship Management feature, prospecting to final win just got easier. Total ETO interfaces with MS Excel, MS Word and MS Outlook and includes linking of all electronic documents to your project.

  • checkmark Tag clients and projects easily.
  • checkmark Personalize client relationships.
  • checkmark Configure reports to gauge activity, orders and profits.
  • checkmark View and add all relevant notes and documents.


Create estimates with greater accuracy using our powerful search wizard.
Total ETO’s powerful Search Wizards are there to help you create summarized or detailed estimates from past jobs, or to load and use pre-designed estimate templates.

  • checkmark Automatically roll up estimated material and labor to a jobs’ total cost.
  • checkmark Use “what if” versioning to record alternate estimates.
  • checkmark Turn on or off each version to produce a new estimate total.
  • checkmark Roll up all job estimates into the project’s total cost.

Quotation & Negotiation

Estimation to quotation in one simple step with our graphic project tree.
In our system, users can create a graphic project tree during estimating which provides a visible and easy to understand project overview for sales. Users can set individual margins or sell prices for each job estimate, which Total ETO then automatically rolls up to a total at the project level.

  • checkmark Assist sales during negotiations.
  • checkmark Eliminate unnecessary estimating rework.
  • checkmark Use “what if” feature for price and margin changes at the project level.
  • checkmark Automatically cascade the effect to each of the jobs in the project.

Winning Opportunities

Effortlessly activate the winning job version.
Total ETO makes it easy for sales to win an opportunity. Sales simply activates the winning job version, opens the order screen and enters the key order information. All estimates and pricing are then automatically rolled into that order.

  • checkmark Add POs and revisions as change orders occur.
  • checkmark Activate a payment schedule by date or event.
  • checkmark Alert accounting to send invoices as milestones are reached.

Product Launch

Launch your product easily into the workflow Queue system.
Entering a PO into Total ETO launches the workflow Queue system which presents the project for contract review and acceptance.

  • checkmark Set project milestone dates for key events.
  • checkmark Link your electronic binder to the project

Engineering and Design

Unparalleled control releasing your Bill of Materials to purchasing using our “release and hold” system.
Total ETO offers your design and engineering team the flexibility, power and versatility to create, modify and control the flow of information to and from purchasing. Integrate your BOM with the most popular 3D CAD packages from SolidWorks and AutoDesk.

  • checkmark Copy to Assembly Wizard feature brings in complete or partial BOMs from past jobs.
  • checkmark Find and import existing parts quickly with the Pick Parts Wizard.
  • checkmark Add new parts easily to the BOM which are then automatically added to the Parts Master.
  • checkmark Pre-release data with confidence with color coded visual “tagging”.

Real Time Job Costing

Early warning status for work in progress through committed costing.
Total ETO features both committed and actual costing. Our Engineer To Order software offers you a powerful management tool with an early warning system called committed costing. As your staff places orders, allocates stock or logs hours to a job, these costs are reported, in real-time, against the budget.

  • checkmark Allow designers and buyers to cost out the BOM before purchases are made
  • checkmark Control changes in the design or suppliers to meet the budget.
  • checkmark Provide Sales and Estimating essential information used to secure and quote future projects.


No double entry during procurement.
Eliminates the need to re-key design data into the business system. Engineering, the shop, or parts and service can submit their material requests to purchasing without any double entry. A configurable single screen work area provides buyers with a full view of all requests and the ability to group and sort by multiple fields.

  • checkmark Create requests for quotes quickly.
  • checkmark Issue, modify and revise POs all with a few keystrokes.
  • checkmark Provide advanced warning through committed costing vs. actual costing.
  • checkmark Integrate Receiving and Inventory assuring complete visibility on all transactions.

Receive and Issue

Receive material and issue purchase orders with ease.
Total ETO helps you simplify the staging of materials for production. Receiving can quickly view POs, log received parts, generate bar code labels, produce quality inspection reports and initiate non-conformance issues.

  • checkmark View purchases received directly to a job which can be kitted by assembly.
  • checkmark Update purchasing quickly on the status of materials by job.
  • checkmark Track and manage your inventory including work in progress in real time.

Time Tracking

Accurate, real time, information for shop planning and management.
Total ETO’s workflow queue tracks all jobs; current or past. Total ETO provides pre-production reporting on materials availability and project schedule reporting on job progress. Use our Advanced Assembly Management feature for “on the fly” separation of key assemblies, sub-assemblies or parts for detail tracking of labor and materials.

  • checkmark Collect all manufacturing data including materials, labor, and shipments.
  • checkmark Automatically integrate all manufacturing information into accounting, costing, payroll and project files.
  • checkmark Provide management a clear summary on progress and results using a host of reports.

Install and Service

Simplify your install supervision and service management.
Frequently, Engineer To Order manufacturers include in their contract, supervision of installation or on-site services. In these cases, you simply create a job, as part of the project, then enter the order including costs, activities, documents, notes and transactions.

  • checkmark Fulfill requests for service or warranty after a project is complete by creating a new project with jobs that are referenced to the original contract.
  • checkmark View reports that show a history of project activities.
  • checkmark Rollup all estimates of costs and actual costs for all jobs tied to the original project.

Parts and Standards Orders

Simplify parts and standards orders with our fast track system.
Parts and standards orders can flow through your company with minimal disruption. Total ETO features a fast track system, eliminating any need for staff to interrupt your designers looking for BOM information or your buyer looking for historical purchase information. The entire transaction, from estimate to order entry is done from a single screen.

  • checkmark Search any BOM to find the parts you need.
  • checkmark