Wave Control Systems to implement Total ETO

Total ETO

Located in Edmonton, AB, Wave Control provides custom engineered injection and metering systems to a number of industries including Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, and Mining. Wave Control Systems has built a reputation for expert solutions delivered by a knowledgeable team.


Faced by many of the challenges unique to Engineer To Order manufacturers, they turned to Total ETO. Built specifically for their industry, Total ETO will provide Wave Control with a streamlined solution, enabling them to address their specific concerns, including:


  • The ability to buy parts directly to projects
  • A parts labelling system that captures specific details such as supplier, customer, project, PO, date, etc.
  • Tracking of non conformance to help them identify under-performing suppliers
  • Easy creation and management of change orders to track scope changes, and impacts to costs and sales price

Implementation will begin soon and will include integration with Wave Control’s Inventor CAD system, and QuickBooks accounting system.