EAGLE Technologies Group, Michigan

“Total ETO has saved us over 830 accounting hours every year.”

Jason Cleveland, VP of Engineering, EAGLE Technologies Group

About EAGLE Technologies Group

EAGLE Technologies Group located in Bridgman, Michigan has been supplying world-class manufacturing and engineering design, equipment and services to its customers since 1953. They are experts in assembly, test, vision, robotics, and material handling systems.

Size of Company

250 employees


Robotics and Material Handling Systems


  • Bridgman, MI
  • Manufacturing Facility-255,000 sq. ft. facility with state of the art CNC machining centers

Systems Integration


Business Need

Eagle Technologies needed a system that allowed visibility to the whole company. Engineers wanted the BOM creation to be integrated so that purchasing had up to date information.


Total ETO’s automation software is an ERP solution designed by engineers for engineers. The BOM and purchasing link forms the backbone of entire application, allowing purchasing to reference key information that was entered by engineers on RFQs and POs.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Project visibility at all stages of production
  • Individual responsibility for time cards
  • A seamless integration with SolidWorks
  • Truly ETO software
  • Exemplary customer service

Business Challenge


Before purchasing Total ETO, EAGLE Technologies was using another engineer-to-order type system that they had customized, but it didn’t give their engineers (24 of them) status information on their orders. This system did not allow access of information to any department other than purchasing and accounting. Beyond frustrated, management decided to contact Total ETO as several engineers had used Total ETO at previous employers and knew exactly what it could do for EAGLE Technologies.


Creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel was frustrating as engineers were not comfortable submitting it to purchasing until it was totally complete. If any changes were made to the BOM it took a significant amount of time before purchasing found out and could react accordingly, if at all, without delaying the project or losing money.


Time sheets were also an issue as accounting had to manually enter 125 staff time sheets into this system, as they were the only department with system access


EAGLE Technologies needed an engineer-to-order automation solution that provided all staff access to project visibility, time sheet entries and allowed engineers to release and edit multiple BOMs to others in a timely manner



Total ETO has been an integral part of EAGLE Technologies growth in the last two years. Since implementing Total ETO, EAGLE Technologies has grown to 250 employees including 60 engineers, all using our automated engineer-to-order software system. Increased visibility was pertinent in their growth. To run a smooth project all departments needed to be able to see the project (at any stage of production), including the BOM, what items need to be ordered, when they were ordered and the estimated time of delivery.


With all staff having access to Total ETO, time sheets are no longer an issue. All employees are responsible for their time card entries, saving accounting over 830 hours of administrative work a year. This allows the accounting team to spend time on higher priority and more strategic business activities.


Knowing that in Total ETO the BOM changes are automatically visible to purchasing allows engineers the flexibility of releasing partial BOMs for parts purchasing. This allows purchasing to procure parts at the best price, ensuring materials are available when needed so that the project is delivered on time and within budget.


Dynamic Benefits and Results


Since implementing Total ETO just over two years ago EAGLE Technologies has doubled the size of the organization. Many of our system benefits have allowed the organization to become more efficient, providing opportunities to take on more jobs and staff.


Project visibility at all stages of production

To run a successful engineer-to-order business, all departments need to know the status of a project at any stage of production. Before Total ETO, the process from when the BOM was released by engineering to purchasing procuring parts as well as management running its related report, used to take 10-15 hours. If a BOM was modified it was not automatically undated in the system and at times purchasing wasn’t even informed. This lead to the wrong parts being ordered, increased costs and a delay in production.


With Total ETO, when engineering releases a BOM and purchasing procures parts, everyone has visibility from project managers to manufacturing and accounting. This is important because if there are modifications to the BOM, purchasing automatically gets an update and can react accordingly. All information is entered into one system and the changes can be seen in real time.

Individual responsibility for time cards


Before purchasing Total ETO, all employees had to fill out paper time sheets and then accounting would enter them manually into their system. Today, using the time entry tool within Total ETO, staff enter their own time cards.


To make sure it ran smoothly, EAGLE Technologies started with small groups entering their time in Total ETO. It took only six weeks to get all employees entering their own time into the system. This process alone has saved EAGLE Technologies’ accounting department over 830 hours of administrative work.


A seamless integration with SolidWorks


Total ETO has true integration capabilities with SolidWorks. With a dynamic BOM process, Total ETO allows the flexibility to not only create but also change a project’s BOM prior to, during, and even after its release from manufacturing to purchasing.


For EAGLE Technologies having the BOM in the same system you order from has the immediate benefit of accuracy. When engineering had created their BOM in another environment and had to import it, this process was not without error as sometimes the engineering staff would forget to update purchasing.


A seamless integration ensures that any modifications to the BOM will be automatically be visible to purchasing (and all staff and management) allowing them to make adjustments and monitor the project’s progress.


Truly ETO software


When EAGLE Technologies was looking to replace their current engineer-to-order system they didn’t even look at any other solutions other than Total ETO. “It was a no brainer”, said Jason Cleveland, VP of Engineering at EAGLE Technologies Group as already 30% of the staff was familiar with Total  ETO. EAGLE Technologies has two competitors nearby that are also ETO manufacturers, all three companies chose Total ETO as their ERP or engineer-to-order automation solution.


Exemplary customer service


We believe in helping our customers succeed. Not all software vendors, even one like ours that is specifically designed for ETO, will fit every customer’s exact needs. Total ETO works with EAGLE Technologies to ensure that our solution was implemented to suit their environment and to its full potential. Helping our customers customize the solution to their business while providing regular product updates that benefit all customers is what we do. And EAGLE Technologies is very happy with the result!