CMP Automation, Ontario

“Your system showed us you had a good handle on what ETO actually means.”

Rob Shwery, General Manager, CMP Automation

About CMP Automation

CMP Automation is a medium-sized, vertically integrated manufacturer of turnkey automation equipment, providing custom manufacturing automation solutions to various industries. CMP is considered a leading Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive tubing industry, specializing in machine automation for small diameter tubing.

Size of Company

40 employees


Custom Automation Equipment


Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Business Need

CMP Automation needed a system designed specifically for ETO, that understood the unique needs of custom design manufacturing. A system that could integrate all data entry, flexible to customization and scalable to grow with the company.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our system integrates your whole business from prospecting to shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Truly ETO software
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Seamless integration with time keeping system
  • Real time financials
  • Time savings
  • Scalable Software

Business Challenge

In order to grow and prosper, CMP Automation needed an accurate account of its financial progress. The company had several off the shelf tools/systems in place. They used multiple Excel spreadsheets for quotations, job costing, and tracking labor and material purchases. They also used a manual time keeping system to capture labor costs and then had to reenter the labor costs into another spreadsheet. The manual multiple data entries allowed for potential errors and omissions and was labor intensive.


CMP Automation needed a system that could handle it’s unique custom equipment manufacturing needs. One that would automate data entry, eliminating multiple steps and duplicate entries, which would provide quality data and trusted financial numbers.


To support growth, CMP Automation needed a system that was flexible, customizable and scalable to support their company in the future.



The lack of timely financial information along with the limitations and inaccuracy of their Excel based process was the motivator to find an alternative solution.


Rob Shwery, General Manager of CMP Automation hired a Supply Chain Consultant, John Byrne, to assist in finding the right system for their company. They began their search by looking at a dozen Canadian and American companies that offered an ERP system and found Total ETO on the web. Working for years in custom design manufacturing, Rob and John had a good knowledge of what they wanted the system to do and knew it could be costly to accommodate a system not specifically designed to work in a true engineer-to-order (ETO) environment.


Dynamic Benefits and Results

Total ETO was quickly implemented and provided CMP Automation with the complete business automation it needed to gain true financials.


Truly ETO software

Total ETO is truly an ETO software system. Designed by engineers with the input of custom design manufacturing companies, it is the only software that has a handle on what ETO actually means.


CMP Automation could have spent more money to enhance another system to get it to do what it needed, but no other system even with multiple enhancements, could do what Total ETO does. Total ETO fulfills the material planning resourcing needs of ETO manufacturers.


Eliminate duplicate data entry

Total ETO completely eliminated information duplication. No more duplicate entries, clerical mistakes or data omissions are being made by the staff. Entering data into Total ETO is much easier and quicker for the staff and fewer mistakes are being made.


Seamless integration with time keeping system

CMP Automation wanted a system that would automate it’s labor costs. The company spends 60% of its costs on labor and 40% on materials. Having such a high proportion of costs allocated to labor, it was important to be able to streamline the collection of labor costs. Total ETO was able to integrate with a third party time keeping system, to capture labor costs.


Total ETO was open to change requests and worked with CMP Automation to ensure that we could integrate with the time keeping system it needed to run its business.


Real time financials

CMP Automation’s staff is pleased with how Total ETO has made their job easier. Only a few months after implementation, the benefits of Total ETO are clear.


The employees are happy with the efficiencies they gained and Management now has a better account of the company’s financial numbers. Real time financials are crucial to running a successful business and the numbers are now accessible much faster then in the past.


Time savings

CMP Automation’s Purchasing Department can now create and manage purchase orders with ease. Project Managers can run reports for labor and material costs using an accurate database much quicker than before. Total ETO has many built in reports that can generate needed information at the touch of a button.


Total  ETO provides Managers with full access and control over the day to day management of their business. This ownership enables them to make changes to their projects in a timely manner, and allows them to understand their progress and performance in detail.


Scalable software

Total ETO is scalable and can grow with your company. As CMP Automation grows in the future, Total ETO will be by its side to help it achieve the success it deserves.