Hart Design & Manufacturing, Wisconsin

“Total ETO integrates with SolidWorks and that was very important to our business.”

Timm Schaetz, President/Owner, Hart Design & Manufacturing

About Hart Design & Manufacturing

Hart Design & Manufacturing Inc. is a leader in the design and construction of specialty, standard and proprietary equipment for use in the Food and Dairy Industries. They have designed quality cheese processing and packaging equipment since 1975.


Size of Company

45 employees


Food and Dairy Industry


Green Bay, WI, USA

Business Need

Hart Design & Manufacturing was using an Access database and Excel spreadsheets to gather data. Mistakes were happening and time was wasted.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our  system integrates your whole business from Prospecting to Shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Streamline all data entry
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Seamless integration with SolidWorks
  • User friendly software
  • Save staff time
  • Non conformance reporting (NCR)
  • Solution understands ETO practices

Business Challenge

Hart Design & Manufacturing was using several different tools to collect project data. Some employees entered data in an access database while others used several different excel spreadsheets. By using multiple data entry points, mistakes were sure to happen. Employees were frustrated with the time wasted consulting several tools and the double entry of inputting data. Management was frustrated with the mistakes being made when data was entered.


The Engineers at Hart Design & Manufacturing use SolidWorks for their CAD drawings. It was pertinent that the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system the company chose would be able to integrate with SolidWorks.



The challenge of multiple data entries lead Hart Design & Manufacturing on the search to find a better solution. They started their search with 20 potential systems and quickly narrowed it down to a few. Companies came in to demo their software and Total ETO was awarded the business as it was the only one to use data from Hart Design & Manufacturing to show how the company could best use our software solution. By doing this, “Total ETO proved that their nomenclature was similar to what Hart Design & Manufacturing did,” said Timm Schaetz. By using our data Total ETO proved that it would integrate seamlessly into our business practices.


Being able to integrate with SolidWorks was key for Hart Design & Manufacturing when sourcing out an ERP system. Total ETO is a SolidWorks Solution Partner and has 20 years of experience integrating with SolidWorks .


Dynamic Benefits and Results

Total ETO was quickly implemented in March 2013 and provided Hart Design & Manufacturing with the one touch point database it needed to streamline all data.


Streamline all data entry

It was very important to Hart Design & Manufacturing to have one central database for their staff to enter data into. The one point entry eliminated the previous duplicate entry and clerical mistakes. Total ETO’s one data entry point ensures that the data the staff enters is pure and accurate.


Eliminate duplicate data entry

Total ETO completely eliminated double entry. No more duplicate entries, clerical mistakes or data omissions are being made by the staff. Employees can enter data into Total ETO much easier and quicker with fewer mistakes.


Seamless integration with SolidWorks

Total ETO has true 3D CAD integration capabilities. With a dynamic Bill of Materials process, we allow the flexibility to not only create but also change a project’s Bill of Materials (BOM) prior to, during, and even after its release to purchasing and manufacturing.


As Total ETO can integrate with SolidWorks, it further streamlines the engineering process. This integration was important for Hart Design & Manufacturing as it would ensure that BOMs could be linked to specific projects and adjusted as the designs changed.


User friendly software

Total ETO was quickly implemented and all 22 users had no problems learning the system. Even the new hires at the time were easily trained. Total ETO has a graphical and easy to use interface. As it was developed for the ETO industry, Total ETO mimics the way custom design manufacturers run their business and therefore is very user friendly.


Save staff time

Hart Design & Manufacturing employees now save time by only entering data into one database. Employees can pull pricing information 100% faster and job costing much faster.


Non-conformance reporting

A big benefit of Total ETO was its Non-conformance reporting feature (NCR). This feature allows staff to easily issue non-conformance reports for any parts that have been delivered with defects or quality control issues. POs are tagged and suppliers are tracked for performance related issues over time.


Solutions that understand ETO practices

Total ETO understands the custom design manufacturing process and has been developed specifically for this industry. All of our customers are ETO manufacturers. Hart Deign & Manufacturing benefited from purchasing a system that understood their specific business needs.