Farason, Pennsylvania

“Total ETO has streamlined our Purchasing process and saved us the cost of one full time purchasing agent.”

Nate Hinks, Parts and Service Manager, Farason

About Farason

Located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania Farason builds flexible automation solutions.


Farason’s business is the genesis, evolution and implementation of ideas to remove health hazardous, repetitive motions; create safer working environments; improve product quality; and boost production rates. Their goal is to provide their customers with higher operating efficiencies and increased overall net production.

Size of Company

45 employees


Flexible Automation Solutions


Coatesville, PA, USA

Business Need

Farason required a system to streamline the company’s unique business processes as a custom manufacturer of automation systems.


Total ETO is specifically designed for the custom design manufacturer. Our system integrates your whole business from prospecting to shipping.

Dynamic Benefits and Results

  • Unique ETO software
  • Increase in staff efficiencies
  • User friendly grid system
  • Seamless integration with SolidWorks
  • Exemplary service and support
  • Very affordable software
  • Cost savings of a full time employee

Business Challenge

Farason was unhappy with their current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and wanted to find one that was specific to the needs of their engineer-to-order business.


Initially an internet search found eight potential systems but most companies asked Farason to change their way of business to conform to the ERP software. Only Total ETO was configurable and mirrored the unique ETO processes of Farason. Total ETO was able to accommodate the individual project needs of Farason, not the other way around.


The Engineers at Farason use SolidWorks for their CAD drawings. It was pertinent that the material resource planning (MRP) system the company chose would be able to integrate with SolidWorks.



After looking at potential solutions, Farason chose Total ETO as it is the only software designed to work with the unique challenges of engineer to order companies. Unlike other systems designed to suit several types of manufacturing, Total ETO was solely designed for ETO manufacturers.


Another factor in choosing Total ETO was price. Farason was very pleased at how affordable our solution is for mid-sized custom manufacturers.


Being able to integrate with SolidWorks was also key for Farason when sourcing out an ERP system. We are a SolidWorks Solution Partner and have 20 years of experience working with Microsoft, as well as multiple customers who have successfully and seamlessly integrated SolidWorks with Total ETO.


Dynamic Benefits and Results

Total ETO was quickly implemented with minimal training and provides Farason with day to day efficiencies resulting in time and cost savings.


Unique ETO software

Total ETO was developed by engineers and the system caters to the unique custom design manufacturing process. Total ETO was developed with the collaboration of five custom equipment manufacturers to ensure the system would meet the unique needs of engineer-to-order manufacturers. We are the only system designed from inception exclusively for custom design manufacturers. Every single client is an ETO manufacturer. Understanding their specific business needs was one of the reasons Farason chose Total ETO as their ERP / MRP software solution.


Increase in staff efficiencies

Total ETO reduces double entries and clerical errors by eliminating multiple databases and Excel spreadsheets. Historically Farason’s staff had to print out multiple parts lists and sort them by hand which took hours. Now staff can enter data into Total ETO much easier and quicker with fewer mistakes. Staff can then sort the entered parts within minutes using our solution. Total ETO is the only solution to integrate Farason’s engineer to order processes in order to achieve real time and accurate information.


User friendly grid system

As it was developed for the engineer to order industry, Total ETO is very intuitive and user friendly, naturally mimicking the way custom design manufacturers run their business. The easy to use grid system efficiently sorts, groups and filters data quickly so that information can easily be accessed.


Seamless integration with SolidWorks

Total ETO has true 3D CAD integration capabilities. With a dynamic Bill of Materials (BOM) process, Total ETO allows the flexibility to not only create but also change a project’s BOM prior to, during, and even after its release to purchasing and manufacturing.  Its unique “hold and release” system provides designers with unparalleled control on the release of BOM items and assemblies to purchasing.


As Total ETO can seamlessly integrate with SolidWorks, it further streamlines the engineering process. This integration was important for Farason as it would ensure that BOMs could be linked to specific projects and adjusted as the designs changed.


Exemplary service support

Implementation of Total ETO was completed quickly and with little training. As the software naturally mimics the way ETO businesses are run, it is very intuitive. After implementation, ongoing support is offered by Total ETO and questions are answered in a timely manner. Farason has been impressed with the professional service and ongoing support we offer. “The support received by Total ETO is equal to if not greater than the benefit of the application itself”, states Parts and Service Manager, Nate Hinks.


Very affordable software

Catering to the small to mid-sized custom design manufacturers is Total ETO’s specialty. Farson was pleasantly surprised at how affordable Total ETO was when compared to other ERP solutions. It was the most affordable engineer to order software available on the market.


Cost savings of a full time employee

Using Total ETO has been very cost effective for Farason. Estimating the cost of projects is very difficult for custom design manufacturers as each project is unique and has very specific requirements.


Nearly every order starts in engineering and seems to stay there too long. Designers are afraid of releasing BOM information too early because of the problem that change requests can create for them. The result is that purchasing receives information too late and is unable to purchase in time or at attractive prices. Creating a system that allows designers to create BOM’s quickly, that gives them the confidence to release data frequently, and that dynamically integrates with purchasing, eliminates this bottleneck.


Having access to costing sheets with live up to date data is very important in streamlining the estimation process and saving money when creating accurate quotes. A very tangible cost savings for Farason was going from two purchasing agents to only one after implementing Total ETO. Streamlining the process of purchasing materials has saved Farason the cost of a full-time employee.