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Streamlining operations at custom-design manufacturing companies

Total ETO


Successfully manufacturing custom-designed products requires a carefully concerted effort between all departments.


Unfortunately, bottlenecks in the workflows, lack of communication and siloed data can create logistical and operational nightmares if they’re not handled effectively and immediately. By streamlining the processes in the office and shop, engineer-to-order manufacturers can eliminate bottlenecks, boost communication and break down the barriers between departments.


But how do staff at a custom-design manufacturer go about streamlining operations? Implementing company wide changes intended to cut overhead and boost revenues can have dire consequences if they’re not what the business needs, and sometimes streamlining plans can ultimately do more harm than good. For some owners, the word streamlining conjures up images of mass layoffs, switching to lower quality materials or worse.


Thankfully this isn’t the case. Instead, by implementing highly specialized systems that are designed for your business, you can achieve the efficiences of streamlining with ease.


How Total ETO can help

Total ETO is the only ERP | MRP automation system built exclusively for engineer to order organizations.


Total ETO focuses on organizing and communicating information across the company, with extra emphasis on Engineering and Procurement, getting information to the right people at the right time, so they can take the steps needed.


Materials can make half or more of the cost of most custom design projects, so if you avoid unnecessary materials and rush delivery surcharges, reuse left over parts and allow time for buyers to shop around for best prices, you are bound to save money and add to the bottom line. Total ETO’s workflow saves your buyers time from clerical tasks like making double entries, looking up part details or reconciling BOM changes, so they can focus on things that save you money.


Eliminating double entry effectively streamlines the information flow in your organization. This is a welcome change in any organization by all levels of staff, from C level execs to receiving. Double entry is the bane of everyone’s existence.


Total ETO

In addition, Total ETO  integrates with your CAD and Accounting systems, and covers the full span from Sales to Shipping, so you can completely streamline your information by eliminating double entry once and for all!


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