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Overcoming communication issues in Engineer To Order manufacturing

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Manufacturers, especially ones who build Engineer To Order products, face many obstacles in their daily operations.


One of the most common hurdles these enterprises must overcome is disequilibrium. Companies can reach this state when different divisions are out of sync, leading to an inability to properly manufacture products, purchase parts in a timely fashion and, ultimately, a decrease in profits. Disequilibrium is a major problem all manufacturers must overcome if they want to be successful.


While the simple solution is to balance out the company, this accomplishment is easier said than done. Finding the right way to stabilize the business essentially requires that every department stays on the same page for the duration of the project.


Communication is key to Engineer To Order

This is especially the case for Engineer To Order manufacturers, wherein customers provide specifications about the end product they desire and manufacturers research, design and build the product to the precise specifications and requirements of the customer. Communication means every person and department involved needs access to the relevant information. If this data is not properly shared, or if some of the measurements are lost, it can lead to missed orders, quality issues, mismanaging customers’ expectations, errors in the final product and, ultimately, less profits. Because of this, it’s crucial for Engineer To Order manufacturers to guarantee all employees and relevant parties have real-time access to the most up-to-date information possible.


Solutions causing problems

Despite the ease with which people can communicate these days, if not everyone is looped into the conversation, workers can end up performing duplicative or unnecessary tasks. As Profiles in Diversity Journal noted, while communication is considered a “soft skill” in the manufacturing industry, many of the problems manufacturers face stem from poor communication. Managers must work diligently to create an environment conducive for sharing information.


Breaking down silos

One of the ways to overcome this common miscommunication obstacle is for manufacturers to remove the barriers that silo the various divisions within the operation. These disconnected divisions must have more access to each other’s information to eliminate redundant processes and tasks.


“Disconnected divisions need access to each other’s information to eliminate redundant processes.”

According to Business Knowledge Source, one of the best ways to combat disequilibrium is by implementing new technology. Implementing configurable software from Total ETO allows manufacturers to track and manage all communications and messages by storing them in a single repository. By utilizing this intuitive software, manufacturers can integrate siloed divisions to assure all departments are operating in sync with each other, thereby diminishing the chances of miscommunications and redundant activity. Total ETO streamlines all information at the touch of a button, which boosts interdepartmental communication, eliminates double entry and reduces clerical errors in data input. With all this information stored in a single repository, manufacturers have access to real-time cost and prices, allowing more accurate and detailed production lines.


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