Daedalus Industrial selects Total ETO ERP and MRP solution

Total ETO

Founded in 2008, Daedalus Industrial of Easley, South Carolina specializes in custom electrical control panel manufacturing, often referred to as a “Panel Shop”. With a number of patented products, they plan to make the move to full scale automation company, providing full engineering solutions to their customers.


Panel Shops typically design the panel and produce a complete (or mostly complete) BOM before they quote a job. Because they don’t have the full design at this stage, job estimating and quoting can be tricky, relying on ballpark numbers and using any available prior job costing to improve accuracy. Total ETO will be invaluable as all project data will be automatically stored and easily accessed using a powerful search wizard. Daedalus Industrial will be able to confidently create accurate estimates based on past jobs.


As the company focuses more on automation solutions, they will be able to leverage their Total ETO solution even more. Developed specifically for the Engineer To Order industry, Total ETO will provide Daedalus Industrial with the tools required to manage their business with increased accuracy and efficiency. Features such as Release and Hold will enable them to release their BOM to purchasing in stages, ensuring jobs aren’t held up unnecessarily. Double entry during the procurement stage will be a thing of the past, and materials can be received and issued to jobs easily.


Integrating Total ETO with their QuickBooks Desktop, AutoCAD Electrical, and SolidWorks systems will provide Daedalus Industrial with unparalleled insight and control over their Engineer To Order processes.